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Replace the heel or toe plates, or full sole protectors, before they wear out, and the soles will last much longer!

Don't like the color of your shoes? No problem! We can recolor any leather shoes and some footwear of different materials.

If your leather shoes feel tight, we can stretch them making them wider, or longer up to a half size.


Are you having a special event?

We have done shoeshine events for offices, hotels conventions and other special occasions. Let us know and we can bring our stand to offer an amazing experience for your guests.

Replace worn top pieces to avoid back or joint pain and/or more costly repair.

One of our specialties is care of luxury brand shoes. If you paid top dollar for your shoes we can help you with expertise shoe care!

If your dog confused your shoes with chew toys we can take a look. Most shoes can be fixed!


For the past 10 years, we have been in Downtown Denver caring for the footwear and leather goods brought to us by thousands of amazing customers! Shoe shine and repair is not just a job for us but a personable experience that we love and enjoy.


The mission of our family-owned, locally-owned business in the heart of Denver is to provide outstanding service and make exclusive shoe repair accessible and convenient.

Bringing his appreciation for quality footwear from an early age, Amando inspired Tracy to join him in building the business. Now they proudly work side by side growing a business that provides them great opportunities to give back to their community!

Amando & Tracy Bravo - Owners

Local Business

Specialized High-End Brands Care

Hand Crafted Art

We are an entrepreneurial couple spreading smiles and cheer to our customers and giving back to our community.

We are trained in Luxury Brand Shoe Care, and skillfully repair and care with a focus on specialty shoes and bags.

We are passionate in the art of shoe care! We are dedicated to carrying the most exclusive service and providing the best experience to our customers.


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Gold Shoes


"Amando and Tracy have worked on my shoes, my wife’s sandals, and leather bags for almost 10 years so I can say without hesitation that they do fantastic work. They do it quickly. They are perfectionists and, most important, they are honest. In Denver, no company is better"


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